Founding of APVA, Yorktown Branch


The Yorktown Branch – 1921-1986

(excerpt from “The First Sixty-Five Years”)

The Yorktown Branch of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA) was organized February 18, 1921, during an evening meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Conway H. Sheild. Their home, the oldest home in Yorktown continuously occupied by Yorktown residents, was built by Thomas Sessions prior to 1699. Mrs. Sheild had been designated by the Virginia APVA to organize the Branch. Nineteen persons attended the meeting, forming the charter membership of the Branch.


Members of the Board included native Yorktown folk, newcomers to the Yorktown area and officers assigned for duty at military installations in the Yorktown area. All shared a deep feeling of respect and enthusiastic commitment to preservation of Yorktown’s special place in the history of our nation.


Directress: Mrs. Conway H. Sheild (1921-1946)FoundingImage002

1st Assistant Director: LTDCDR Gerald Bradford. U.S. Navy

2nd Assistant Director: Capt. Peter Conachy, U.S. Marines

Secretary: Mrs. George Chenoweth (1921-1951)

Treasurer: Mrs. A. J. Renford


1921 – 1946  Catherine S. Sheild (Mrs. Conway H.)

1947 – 1952  Lucy H. O’Hara (Mrs. Leslie R.)

1952 – 1966  Catherine S. Ballentine (Mrs. John 1.)

1966 – 1970  Blanche Pitz (Mrs. Otto G.)

1970 – 1972  Charles A. Williamson

1972 – 1974   Isabel T. Hall (Mrs. Lewis H., Jr.)

1974 – 1976   Margaret C. Penzold (Mrs. August F.)

1976 – 1978  Ann I. Elksnin (Mrs. Henry)

1978 – 1980  Theresa B. Gammage (Mrs. Charles E.)

1980 – 1982  Doris H. Donely (Mrs. Philip)

1982 – 1984  Margaret C. Penzold (Mrs. August F.)

1984 – 1986  Frank Edwards

2001 – 2002  Frank Edwards

2003 – 2006  Nancy Lee Clark

2007 – 2008  Alec Gould

2009 – 2010  Bonnie Karwac

2011-            Frank Edwards

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