Existing Members


As an existing member of the Yorktown Preservation Society, your membership will expire on September 30th.  In order to keep your membership current, please renew your membership prior to this date.

Annual Membership Fee:
$30.00 (Member plus 1)
(Membership Fee includes $10.00 Charitable Contribution)

Make checks payable to:
Yorktown Preservation Society

Send check to:
Yorktown Preservation Society
P.O. Box 405
Yorktown, VA 23690


– If your mailing address, phone number(s) or e-mail address(es) have changed, please update them for our records to ensure you receive all communications from YPS.

– Your e-mail address will only be used to communicate with you about Yorktown Preservation Society activities.  It will never be provided to any other individuals or organizations.